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by admin 2 weeks ago
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Join the good guys with a 10% discount on all seedbox plans!

Coupon Code: BLACK10

Promotion is active till December 7th and applies to the first monthly bill of monthly orders. Usable by new and existing users.

Simply Create an account on and use the promo code above when ordering. 

With the discount applied, prices would be as follows:

Sidekick: 9.99 → 8.99 €/m  

1 Gb connectionUnmetered Bandwidth1500 GB HDD storage2GB RamShared IPNO Plex ServerUp to 10 AppsRoot Access

Hero: 14.99 → 13.49 €/m

1 Gb connectionUnmetered Bandwidth2000 GB HDD storage3GB RamShared IPPlex Server up to 1080PUp to 15 AppsRoot Access

Super Hero: 19.99 → 17.99 €/m

1 Gb connectionUnmetered Bandwidth3000 GB HDD storage4GB RamShared IPPlex Server up to 4KUnlimited AppsRoot Access

Super Seedbox Man: 34.99 → 31.49 €/m

1 Gb connectionUnmetered Bandwidth5000 GB HDD storage5GB …

by admin 3 weeks ago
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Lately we haven't been happy with the hosting provider we used to host our website at, lots of upcoming scheduled maintenance, connectivity issues, dns issues, even downtimes, etc. so today we moved the main site application, workers, databases etc to the same data center our node servers are located in. You probably didn't notice as it took only a few minutes. The main app and queue workers sit on a really beefy server now, i7 6700 HT, 64GB RAM, SSDs in Raid 1, Gbit line, with internal connections to the billing backend and nodes. Pretty awesome setup, just sayin' and it's getting better and better really fast!

In other news, we enabled the Flood app for all plans, it's a decent rtorrent web ui that has responsive design, which means it actually works on mobile devices.

Oh yeah and there's upgrade options now for your seedboxes, starting with a 0.5 or 1TB extra space upgrade. Just scroll down to the bottom of your seedbox page and select what you need, pay the invoice a…

by admin 1 month ago
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Along with a slew of other updates and fixes, like improvements to our port management system or update buttons for apps, we just pushed one big change: 

Our billing backend now accepts Credit Card Payments. Which means you can now pay for our services with VISA and Mastercard.

That's all folks, thanks for staying with us! Together we will make this the best seedbox hosting service available!

by admin 1 month ago
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Once again we've listened to our userbase and spared no efforts to give you full satisfaction: The process to claim a plex server instance so far has been far from optimal. Even the official solution by Plex was to use a VPN or SSH tunnel. Seriously? So we sat down and implemented a little helper for you in the form of a... Claim Plex button. Yep it's as easy as that, you install the app, click on claim plex, enter your claim token and you're done!

What's next?

by admin 2 months ago
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In case you've missed it, we've implemented a nice little custom forum for our users to hang out, share invites, read up on best torrenting practices and help each other. Feel free to share info regarding seedboxes, scene, torrenting, privacy & security, linux related or anything else related to our service. 

News posts are now part of the forum too, FAQs might follow soon-ish, if you are missing any features let us know. Have fun!

by admin 2 months ago
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We've had several requests about FUSE which stands for file system in user space, it's needed for certain rclone mounts and other applications, so we've updated all current VM templates with a fresh compiled kernel with enabled fuse kernel modules. All new Seedboxes come with it enabled, if your seedbox was created before today, you just have to reboot it and you will be able to use fuse right away! 

We have big plans to make use of this module, e.g. a full blown file manager for all kinds of cloud storage systems on your seedbox dashboard, easy plex mounts, rar2fs a file system that lets you mount rars, no more unpacking needed, and more. Enjoy!

by admin 2 months ago
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Just a quick heads up, users can now change their display name on their account page. Also check out the dark mode theme if you haven't yet, cheers!

by admin 2 months ago
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Yes we are on a roll, we've just added CoinPayments to our payment options, which means you can now order seedboxes at Seedit4Me using crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and others for additional privacy! Bitcoin is a virtual currency that can provide anonymous transactions. These transactions should be untraceable to you. We won’t go into how Bitcoin works exactly, but check how Bitcoin works for further explanation. Torrent users should be savvy with their privacy online. A seedbox is a great way to add a layer of anonymity between yourself and prying eyes. Paying with bitcoins is another way to obscure your identity more.

Our process has been tested and works flawlessly, although you might have to wait 5 to 30 minutes for the system to confirm the payment on the network.

In other news, we've introduced e-mail verification for new signups and added a cool new stats panel to your seedbox page, some of you might recognize f…

by admin 3 months ago
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Hey guys, we've got news! Over the last few months we have been very busy working on updates, it escalated a little bit so now we are here with a nearly complete overhaul of our user dashboard, website, virtualization backend, billing, apps selection as well as a ton of other new features! It's such a big update, you could call it Seedit4Me 2.0

In the next days we will be rolling out more and more of these updates and will keep you posted. And because we know you like lists... are some of the major points that have been keeping us busy day and night:

Fixed known issues with current apps and added a whole lot of cool new apps (you can see a complete list of available apps here)  Website has been completely redone as well as the user dasboard, both now have responsive design and should work really nicely even on mobiles. We've even added a decent dark mode theme, you can switch themes on your account page. Theres a news/blogging module in place now, sev…